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Things I miss.. not a regular meme..

Well I already passed the 1/3 of the natural life expectancy of an regular Bangladeshi man. With in these 23 years the list of what i did is not that much short. And obviously the list of undoing and i want to do is far more long and interesting. But this is not the time I talk about those things.

It is a meme, but not the regular one. I went to Med early morning and the class got canceled. Walking my way home i was thinking what things I'm missing right now. The first thing that came in my mind is my beloved sunshine. Then i aging asked my self what else. So after thinking for a short period of time i came up with this 5 things that i really miss now.

Hardcore Slang

This type of slangs do not involve any particular member of family or any certain activity ( you know what i mean). These are slangs which involve breaking your body part or bones in to pieces. like

"Hulia bodlae dibo, Chopa vhaiga dibo"
Translation: I will alter the anatomy of your face.


I'm missing this natural phenomenon terribly. Not the drizzling type, I miss the heavy cats and dogs type of rain. The winter is coming and i have to wait for the rain for so long.

Geek Talk

It's all about the string theory, molecular mechanics and antimatter. I miss the old days when we talked about this stuffs for hours after hours. Me and Atunu stuck in the jam with Kala salman and Roton who dedicated their lives to kill the bugs of the ears of all passengers with high pitch voice.


Good lord i miss mango and it made me so pissed of when the old lady in Fruto's add made imaginary liquids from mango. But in the real life that thing contains preservatives, food grade colors with slight hint of a synthetic flavor.

And like the rain i have to wait for the sweetness till next summer.


For the first 10 years of my education life i used this things. Riding on two whiles is so much fun. But After moving in this big city didn't have the chance to do it.

These are the six things I miss. And you know what i miss the most.. my sunshine.

"Something for them.."

I always want to give this world something back. As I'm in MED it is quite possible for me to do that. But always think some other way to do it. Some unique idea is a bit hard to find out. But I'm doing some brainstorm.. Lets see what comes out.

This is the picture i captured from Mohammadpur. She is a "Window-shopper"...



Nop, I'm not talking about any Akon's song.
I actually feel like this way. The Ramadan started and like last 5 years i had to break my fast alone in this little room of mine. Yellow light, comfortable chair, delicious food and a unsatisfied soul. For many reasons..

"A speed bump of my life.."

Speed bumps, make you aware of the road you're walking. In my life, there are a thousands of these. With or without my choice I had to face them. I took them as bookmarks. Something to remember the things of my life. You should know I'm really bad to remember things. Even with these bumps I still forget the distant memories. Happiness, depression, betrayal, love all are hidden within these. But they all have the same sign.

Like the rusty,old photographs hidden inside a little box of a child, they are in my soul. They are the speed bumps of my life..

"No scream for ice cream??? "

I caught her in the DU area a few days back. An awesomely cute child having fun with ice cream. I just wanted to take her picture and she was so spontaneous.. Good lord..


"Boys shouldn't always play with toys..."

Nostalgia. After opening my eyes and getting a little hold of the things in this world the BP machine and the good old stethoscope were my playmate. But now those days are over and its not for playing any more..

Gosh.. I miss those days.

Meet in the BOOMERS..

Today i had a meet in Boomers.. with Zeba api and others.. This is Zeba api's little son Arshan.. We had soo much fun..



I love darkness.. And all of my life I'm searching for the absolute darkness. But i still didn't find that.. .. so I'M HAPPY WITH WHAT I HAVE..


Eat all you can..


Little snacks that fill me up in the evening... Mixture of everything.. Two piece of delicious vanilla flavored cake.. Made by my little sister Tarin, With some fish balls or whatever it is (yes it is also delicious) and a big fat cup of tea.. Sounds not that much but in the scale of pure pleasure it is out of the chart.. =P


Courtesy of my little blue bird..


Today she came here. In Syamoli.. She called me and asked me just to come down..

I just came home from MED and still a bit pissed off with the aftermath (yes it was like SIDR or Katrina or any other kaif/cyclone you can say) of yesterday. And today in the MED it was almost like a dead zone because we all are feeling really awful about last night. And not only that..Somehow the news licked out ( and we all know who was the culprit to do that) and the other students were also doing really funny things.. Like just staring at us. May be because we were acting as usual with Xitu. Lets not talk about that..

When i came down.. I saw that little blue bird holding something for me.. And I was like.. "Holy lord of Heavens.. Its Diya.. with Pringles in her hand. and it is for me". I walked to her like I'm hypnotized and she gave me the sweetest present.. Ohh diya.. what can i say to you.. Just for now.. Thanks a lot..(I started eating that instantly.. and now i realized that i do not have a decent courtesy..) I was feeling soo stupid and messed up..

She was looking like a little blue bird.. With the first sunshine starts singing.. She is my sunshine.. and all my sadness just faded away..


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